GO4 as providers of Third Party Logistics employ best players in this field on a country specific basis to perform and handle all types of shipments under our management, control and supervision.

We concentrate on logistics, supply chain, warehousing, distribution and shipping by using our extensive Freight Forwarders network that maintains operations at destination sea ports and airports.


GO4 quickly developed to a cargo management company helping friends, sellers, shippers, buyers and freight forwarders, from various parts of the world, by managing their shipments from various worldwide origins, and ship them cost effectively to various parts of the world.

As Third Party Providers, we combine and manage shipping by ocean freight, airfreight, project and logistics services we are today a key player in the cargo market, offering simple solutions and one combined service for multiple jobs.

GO4 through its business partners, shipping companies, agents and affiliated freight companies, offers a range of combined services from warehousing, chain supply, sorting, labelling and dispatching to shipping and chartering. The combined service continues to cover air, sea, and land transport including customs clearance and cargo insurance.

GO4 has a professional shipping network, which is considered a fundamental tool of our operations and success today. This network includes but not limited to – Manufacturers, Sellers, Buyers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Banks, Finance Houses, Trading Houses, Insurance and agents globally.

GO4 through its collective expertise and administrative management enables it to deliver to its customers a satisfactory business value, unlock supply chain potential, reduce cost and assist to increase profitability for our clients.

GO4 provides professional consultation on how the customers can achieve best results in shipping their products and minimizing the cost of the whole sale contract.

We combine all elements of a shipment in one simple operation, achieving a powerful enough solution  to handle all operational aspects: from receiving from suppliers’ locations, trucking, warehousing, sorting, packaging, palletizing, labelling, containerizing, documentation, dispatching to shipping lines and airlines terminals.

As providers of Third Party Logistics, GO4 continues to follow the shipment until it is safely and properly delivered at destination. We also can go the further mile and deliver direct to the buyer’s door on a B2B or B2C basis.