Given our vast experience our resolve does not stop there, it extends further in catering to international project shipments of fabricated steel structures, machinery and heavy-lift/project cargoes.

Our experience in this business includes the knowledge of choosing the right vessel, vessel loading with distinguished skill in lashing and securing cargoes in hold and on deck.

Our operations are extended to supervise discharge of units and make sure that the units are unloaded, lashed and secured safely on capable boogies.

GO4 Shipping, also offers to facilitate the shipping transport process to include the land transport leg direct to the final place of delivery.

Our experience extends to effective handling of petrochemical projects and managing the entire logistics and transportation of super heavy and over-dimensional cargoes by land and sea for these projects.

Our projects’ services include but not limited to the handling and transport of: Containers and other different shipping equipment gauged and out gauged, Heavy Lifts (over weight and over dimensional cargo), Break Bulk Cargo, Roll-on/Roll-off shipments.

GO4 are keen to use equipped with suitable gears and cranes to load and accommodate huge variety of heavy lift and over-dimensional cargoes, coupled with our team’s technical know-how and customer-centric philosophy.

GO4 delivers cargo handling and transport solutions of the highest standard in safety and efficiency.

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